Facilities & Services

School facilities and services


IMS has many courts and sports facilities that serve students in both males and females’ buildings during their sports classes and activities, such as the football, basketball, handball and tennis courts, which are equipped and supervised by specialized companies.

Technical and artistic laboratories

IMS is equally interested in the academic and artistic aspects of its students, and has established arts and drawing laboratories, professional and handicrafts laboratories, and a music theater for music and musical instruments, as mentioned bellow:
ο Activity Labs
ο Artistic drawing halls
ο Professional laboratories
ο Music Labs

IMS Main Hall

Is a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 800 people; where celebrations, periodic meetings, seminars and scientific, cultural and religious lectures for teachers and students take place.


The library

It is based on a large area and contains a wide range of references and books in various fields and knowledge. It is available to all students to help them in their studies and enhance their intellectual and cultural side, each according to his level.

Scientific Laboratories

Four science laboratories distributed throughout the school’s buildings to serve students at all stages. These laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and teaching aids for the sciences (chemistry, physics and biology) in cooperation with the best companies and in accordance with the international standards. General safety conditions have been observed to ensure the safety of students and teachers when conducting scientific experiments.

IMS Dining Halls

In each building, IMS has a large and private dining room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and subject to public safety and periodic health supervision by the school.









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